Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Gift and Care Package From Jeff

I received a care package of a few Orioles cards several weeks ago from my friend, Jeff, who goes by green68camaro on Instagram.  Right after I got the small envelope of Orioles cards, Jeff sent me another package, this time an assortment of over-sized Donruss cards from the mid-80s and also this awesome 1954 Bowman of Johnny Groth.

I already got Groth TTM a while back (April 28, 2016), but I am really tempted to send to him again, regardless of his $5.00 fee.  The card is really cool, and it would give me a 54 Bowman Oriole, a card which I do not have represented.  Funny thing is, Groth never played for the Orioles.  He went to the White Sox prior to the 1954 season.  Really interesting to see him in an O's jersey on this card.  Also look at the misplacement of the apostrophe on the jersey.
Here is one of the many over-sized Donruss cards that Jeff sent along.  These are really cool.  I believe he found a huge stack of them somewhere and wanted to share them.  He sent me a bunch of Orioles and several Hall of Famers.  I have helped Jeff quite a bit lately in getting some TTM addresses of players from South Carolina.  I'm hoping I can help him out a lot more in the coming year.

Thank you so much for the care packages, Jeff!
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