Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Christmas Gift From Gerard

My friend, Gerard, hooked me up with some nice stuff for Christmas.  The above 2022 Topps Gallery of Yohel Pozo is really nice.  I never got a chance to open this product, so it was a nice surprise.
Gerard did some signings recently with James Triantos and Jared Shuster.  These are some pretty nice cards.  I wanted to participate in the signings, but didn't get time to go through my stuff.  Gerard helped out and I can add these to my album.
It was also really cool that Gerard knocked three guys off of my 1987 Topps checklist.  These three are tougher guys to get, and I am glad to knock them off of the list.

Thank you so much for the Christmas gift, Gerard.  I really appreciate it, and am glad you have helped me with this set.

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