Saturday, November 19, 2022

TTM Success - Taylor Phillips

My (somewhat new) scanner died last night, and I am going to try something new by just taking and cropping a picture from my phone and posting that.  I need to figure out the "straighten" function on my phone, but this crop job wasn't terrible.  I still am going to get another scanner, but in the meantime, this will do, I think,

This is a nice 1958 Topps that I got back, along with a small "God is Good" card from Taylor Phillips.  I really love the 1958 Topps design, and am happy that there are still a handful of players left who sign TTM and afford me the opportunity to add signed versions of these to the autograph album.

Phillips (b. 1933) played in the majors from 1956 to 1960 and 1963 for the (Milwaukee) Braves, Cubs, Phillies and White Sox.  He had a record of 16-22 with 233 strike outs and a 4.82 ERA.  He won the World Series in 1957 with the Braves.

I mailed to Phillips on October 24 and got the signed card, the God is Good card and a signed note back on November 1, for an 8-day TAT.

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