Sunday, November 13, 2022

TTM Success - Lucas Luetge

These cards were mailed TTM to Lucas Luetge in 2020, and finally came back a couple weeks ago.  There have been a few TTM successes of late that came in after waiting several years, and it is always fun to see those old stamps show up in my mailbox.  The way I send off TTMs is sort of coordinated as new stamps come out.  I can tell if it is a recent stamp on the envelope, or if it is an older one, whether or not I have been waiting a while for a TTM to come in.  Maybe that makes sense.  It does to me.
Anyway, I got these three cards back from Luetge; a 2012 Topps Update, a 2013 Topps gold and a 2013 Topps.  He signed the cards in black Sharpie, and they all turned out well.

Luetge (b. 1987) played in the majors from 2012 to 2015 and made a return in 2021, pitching into 2022.  He has played for the Mariners and Yankees.  He has a record of 11-11 with 212 strike outs and a 3.38 ERA.

I mailed to Luetge on July 9, 2020, and got the cards back on October 31, 2022, for an 844-day TAT.

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