Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lots of 87s Off The List Thanks To Nick

I helped a guy named Nick by getting some Wood Ducks cards signed for him, and in return, he sent me 10 signed 1987 Topps for my set.  One of the cards he sent was one I needed, but between the time it took me to get the cards scanned, that player sent back a TTM success.  Still, these were some tougher ones, and I was happy to knock them off of the list.
Adding these to the set puts me at 460 cards and at 58% completion.  That's not too bad, if you think about it.
A couple of these guys are players who I sent TTM to, and am waiting on a return.  So, if they do come back, I'll probably upgrade any cards that need it, then I will pay forward Nick's generosity and send some to some other collectors.

Thanks for the deal, Nick!  I love the cards, and am happy to cross them off of the list.

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Fuji said...

Wow. 58% is damn impressive.