Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Instagram Trade With Jacob

I completed a trade on Instagram recently with a kid named Jacob.  He has a eclectic mix of players that he PCs, highlighted by Mark Buehrle.  I found him quite a few of the guys he liked and in return he hooked me up with some really cool cards like this 2000 Topps Mike Mussina TTM auto.  I don't normally go for other folks' TTM autos,but since he offered it, I decided I'd take it.
I really liked this Ken Singleton Diamond Kings auto as well.  These cards look really awesome signed.  I forgot to ask Jacob if this was a TTM or IP auto, but regardless, it's really cool.
Finally, I picked out this 1970 Topps Brooks Robinson from Jacob, even though I already had it.  You can never have enough vintage Brooks cards.  It is in decent enough shape.  I didn't feel like I was in a position to complain since Jacob was nice enough to include it.

Thanks for the trade, Jacob!  I really enjoyed our discussion over the deal and I know we will trade some more.

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