Friday, November 28, 2014

Ebay Pickup - 2014 Bowman Chris Davis Blue Parallel

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I missed posting last night because I cooked all day.  This year, I cooked the turkey, ham, German potato salad, deviled eggs and pinto beans while my wife was at work.  When she got home, she took care of the rest of the sides.  We hosted my two younger brothers and their respective lady-friends.  We watched a bunch of movies and had a great time.

I wanted to get a post up really quick today, so I picked this Chris Davis that I've had queued up for a little while.  I got it off of ebay for a few cents.  It is numbered 489/500.  I like the Bowman parallels.  I think this is the only Davis parallel I have out of this year's Bowman.  I need to look for a few more, but I've been swamped with Christmas shopping.  I'll have to look again after Christmas is over.

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