Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orioles Thoughts

I don't have a whole lot card-wise to blog about lately, but I sure have a renewed feeling when it comes to being an Orioles fan.

The reason? BUCK SHOWALTER!!!

I don't think Buck is the total reason for the turnaround of the O's. Some has to do with the fact that the team is finally healthy; injuries took a huge toll early in the year. The return of Brian Roberts does coincide with the O's improved play. Replacing Roberts at the top of the order isn't exactly easy. He is one of the best leadoff hitters in the game. The O's proved this season how hard it really will be to replace him in the future. I'm glad they locked Roberts up til 2014.

The Orioles' starting staff has also turned it up. Even Kevin Millwood has joined in and started throwing much better. I can't complain about Millwood at all. I know he is a serviceable starter, he definitely shouldn't be at the top of a rotation in the AL East. I think he has one more year left, and would fit in well in the NL, especially the NL West.

Nick Markakis has proven, this year, that he is not a 30+ home run threat, but is (like Roberts) a doubles machine. Nick's average will hover around .300 and he will give you 175-180 hits each year. I also love his cannon for an arm. If the O's can get a legitimate home run threat to bad behind Nick in the lineup, his numbers will get even better.

I think that's enough of me talking about the O's for now. I may write more later, since I don't anticipate getting a whole lot of new cards anytime soon.

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