Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet the New Boss, Not the Same as the Old Boss...

It's no secret that I have been following the Dodgers a lot more lately, since my best friend is a Dodger fan. In order to keep our baseball conversations fresh, I try to make sure I'm up to speed on all things Dodgers as he has done the same with all things Orioles.
It was announced today that Donnie Baseball is going to replace Joe Torre as the Dodgers' next manager.

I think this is awesome for many reasons. My best friend's team gives a true baseball icon a chance to helm the club next year and there will be new Don Mattingly cards issued to celebrate his place as Dodger manager.

I have so many friends who LOVE Don Mattingly. He is my mom's favorite player of all time (yes, Mom is a Yankee fan). My good friend Pete is a huge Mattingly fan as well.

I'm sure some Yankee fans will throw up in their mouths a little when they see the former Yankee Captain on cards in a Dodger uniform. My thought is: I really hope he does well and punches his ticket to the Hall of Fame. Wouldn't it be weird if he wins a couple World Series as Dodger Manager (my prediction is that he will) and goes into the Hall with a Dodger cap on?

How do you Yankee fans feel? Is it bittersweet that you are stuck with Joe Girardi? Or, would you be afraid of Mattingly managing where he is a legend and most assuredly would be fired at some point? Everyone knows most managers hre hired to be fired. This is the biggest reason I don't think I want Cal Ripken as the Orioles' manager (which I believe he has no interest in becoming O's manager), however, I'm perfectly happy with Buck SHowalter at this point.

I'm already excited for next season. I am very happy for Don Mattingly to finally get his chance to prove himself at a new position in the game. Good luck to him and good luck to the Dodgers!!!


Paul Hadsall said...

I'm not a Yankees fan, but I think it will be strange to see Don Mattingly in a Dodgers uniform on a baseball card next year.

Not necessarily bad, just strange.

night owl said...

I've seen him plenty in a Dodger uniform already as hitting coach the last few years, so it's not strange to me anymore.

Tim Wallach would have made a better choice. But we'll see.

Drew said...

This is gonna be mad weird, but whatever it takes to get him in Cooperstown works for me.