Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Birthday Present - Paul O'Neill Auto

My brother's girlfriend, Gina, totally surprised me when she got on the phone with me last weekend and told me that she got me a birthday present. I have not had too many opportunities to get to know her, but the weekend before, we sat on the golf cart at the racetrack for a while and had a very good conversation. I knew that she was a bit of a baseball fan, since she told me the first time I met her. She also told me that one of her cousins married former Reds and Yankee great Paul O'Neill.
According to Gina, O'Neill doesn't sign a whole lot anymore, but she was able to make a call and pull some strings. I like the card that it is on too, the mid 90's Stadium Club cards always had a nice look to them, and this one scanned really well.

I really appreciated this unexpected gift. I always respected Paul O'Neill as a player, even though he played for the Yankees. He was definitely a team leader and one of the main reasons the Yankees won their championships in the 1990s. I definitely think he should have gotten more support for the Hall of Fame.

Thanks for the present, Gina, I really appreciate it. I hope this blog entry does it a little bit of justice :)

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Drew said...

The first step to becoming a Yankee fan. You passed! Congrats!

Nice auto dude, I'm jealous