Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Columbia Trip Part III

We went to a second card shop in Columbia during our trip and picked up a few things. I'll post some of the others later, but I wanted to post these MLB Exclusive cards that I got for free.
YES, Nolan Reimold. Welcome back to the majors Nolan!!! (He got called up today when rosters expanded). I grabbed a few notable players of these cards, since the guy was giving them out for free.
I read the back of Reimold's card and got a little surprise. Max was a little surprised that Reimold was part of the set and the back says '...50 of the greatest players in MLB history.' I like Nolan Reimold. He's probably one of my favorite active players now, but greatest of all time? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Here is one of the greatest ever... Cal Ripken. Yaaay, another Cal I didn't have already. I like the way these cards look. Pretty simple.


Ryan H said...

Wow, both of those are great cards! I wish I lived closer to an HTA store so I could get both of those!

Drew said...

Thanks for the bonuses! And... is Chan Ho Park one of the 50 greatest players too? I love the checklist goes like Pujols, Gehrig, Ripken, Mantle... Reimold. LOL, well at least it's a player you like