Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Party

Yeah, so, I'm turning 30 on Tuesday, so yesterday, my wife arranged a surprise party for me at our local bowling alley. I had discovered that a party was happening the week before when she got off the phone with her parents, but I was still surprised about all the people who came. It really made me feel good.

Max came and spent the whole weekend with me, which really meant a lot to be able to spend the weekend with my best friend. We spent a good bit of the time watching old wrestling dvds. We also went to the ballfields yesterday and hit around. I found a golf ball while we were there and made a bet with Max that I could connect with it in less than 5 swings. I threw the ball in the air and hit it more than 500 feet on the first swing. Talk about clutch.
So, I got a bowling pin from the bowling alley in celebration of my birthday and everyone in attendance signed the pin. I thought this was really cool and it will definitely go in my china cabinet when I can re-establish my card room. (Will need a new house first).

I love where Max signed his, and you can see toward the bottom where my boss, Terry, signed it. I was amazed that he made it from Charlotte. It made me feel good. I work for a really good company with some really good people.

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