Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Last 2023 50-50s From Max

A box of cards came in from Max recently that had the rest of the 50/50s he was able to take for me toward the end of the season.  He knocked out a bunch of cards that I sent to him, starting with the above 2022 Topps Chrome MLB Logo refractor of Jackson Kowar that I found at the National. This card is really cool and turned out great.  I'm glad I was able to find it and send it along. 
Max got one of my 1991 Crown Orioles cards signed; this one being of Rex Hudler.  
Max took the A's, Diamondbacks, Rangers, Royals and a couple other teams.  It was cool that he got the two World Series teams.  The 2006 Topps Diamondbacks team card is signed by Denny Stark, by the way.
Max also hit the Rockes and got a few guys I'd probably never see.  The German Marquez Topps Archives (bottom, middle) looks great.  I was also glad to get some 2023 Topps signed.  Kyle Freeland had signed for me TTM, but it was nice to get a few more of his cards out of the boxes and into the album. 
The Paul Blackburn cards at the bottom of this scan had been in my to-be-TTMed box for a long time.  He stopped signing when I pulled them, so it was great that Max could fi ally get some ink on them for me.  I'm surprised I still had some Jerry DiPoto cards left, but I did, and they got done.
The Rodolfo Castro on the 87 Topps design was a cool card.  I'm glad Max sent that one back. He knows how much I like that set.  Jack Suwinski lives or grew up near Max, so I think he actually knows him personally.  I forget what he told me, so I'll have to check again with me how that works.  I've sent him a few Suwinski cards, and the 2022 Topps Update that I got back looks sharp.
A couple more Bob Brenly cards were taken care of this time around. I like the 2004 Topps, a set that I have been trying to get more of into the album.  Those mid-2,000s sets were some that I unloaded my bulk at past shows, so there aren't as many of those in my stash as there are other eras.
I'm always happy to add one of my Midwest League cards to the autograph album. I got this set a while back from an old friend, and have been chipping away at it over the years.  Alek Thomas was a guy who I thought may be tough to get from that set, but Max hooked it up.  He also got me Zach Davies, a former Oriole farmhand who I haven't been able to graph.
The above 2015 Topps is signed by Tuffy Goeswich; the 2019 Topps Rainbow Foil A's card is signed by Lucas Erceg, and the 2023 Topps Diamondbacks team card is signed by Scott McGough. Max always helps put with the team issue stuff, in case he is out of anyone.  I have been putting more of these aside for future use with him, myself and other 50/50 stuff.  These team cards do come in handy.

Thank you as always for the awesome stack of signed stuff, Max.  I'm excited to see what we can get out of the boxes in 2024!

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