Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Some Signed 87s For Christmas From Max

Several tougher 1987 Topps cards were crossed off of my checklist when I got a Christmas gift from my good friend, Max.  He has helped me tremendously with this set, and I am very grateful.  I had sent to Brian Fisher TTM, but never got my card back.  Now, I don't need to worry, as the card is now signed and in the 87 album.
I had been promised a signed Ed Correa from someone else, but he hasn't delivered, so this one will take care.of that.

I had mailed to Keith Atherton, but he also hasn't returned my card.  Mickey Hatcher does sign TTM, but for a fee to a vendor who I had a negative experience with some years ago, so I don't necessarily like dealing with his group.  Max saved me so many headaches by crossing these guys off the list.  He also put me at 752 cards, which means I have 40 to go.  I never thought I'd be this close. 

Thank you so much for the Christmas gift, Max!


Matt said...

40 to go, that's amazing!

Jamie Meyers said...

I collect that set as well, though not obsessively. 40 to go is amazing. I enjoy seeing your progress. I think you were nuts to send that Ricky Wright signed leaders card to Bobby Valentine even though he's pretty reliable TTM. It worked out though!