Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Another TTM Success From Jim Marshall

A couple weeks ago, at the Virginia Beach show, I picked up a few Jim Marshall cards to send TTM.  I jad gotten him before, back in 2020 on a 1958 Topps and my 1991 Crown Orioles card.  I wanted to add a few move vintage cards to the album, so I picked up the above 1960 Toppa, and the 1959 Topps and 1961 Topps shown below.
The cards look great. I think I got them at around $1.00, each.  That was a steal, as all three of them are in great shape.

I mailed to Marshall on November 13 and got the cards back on November 29, for a 16-day TAT.

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Ryan H said...

Jim Marshall had a very interesting career through the minor leagues, major leagues and Japanese league. He even has a few Japanese cards...