Sunday, December 3, 2023

50-50s From Cam S

With still a lot of catching up to do from this past season, I really need to get some 50/50s scanned and posted.  Here is one from. This past season from my friend, Cam S.

Cam took a bunch of guys for me this year that helped me clear out a lot of space in my boxes.  The above Lucius Fox drove me crazy.  Cam told me that he could take Fox, and I had been waiting a long time to get this card signed.  I couldn't find it for a while after Cam messaged me. Finally, just as I stopped looking, I found the card while I was looking for something else.  It is finally signed and in my album. 
Cam hooked me up with a bunch of Robert Hassell, III autos, as well as guys that I had sent to others in past 50/50 attempts. Domingo Leyba had been in the Orioles system, and I had a bunch of cards put aside somewhere. Those were a pain to find, but I got them out, as well.
I had sent my Cole Henry cards out to someone else for Spring Training, but he wasn't able to get him. I was told Henry was tough, but Cam was able to get several of Henry's cards signed for me.
I was really.glad to get these old Rouglad Odor Kinston Indians cards signed.  I had a bunch of them pulled for someone's 50/50 last season (2022), but they didn't get done.  Cam finished off Hunter Goodman for me.  I had also pulled Jon Nunnally for someone, but he got missed.  He's taken care of now.
Here are the other Hassell cards that Cam helped me with.  I was glad to get my numbered refractor done, finally.
I had hoped to see Trey Lipscomb this summer either with Fredericksburg or Wilmington, but he moved up right before I saw each team.  I got a couple extras back to give to my friend, Jordan, since he is a big Tennessee fan.
Finally, I wasn't able to get Aaron Shortridge with Greensboro, so it was nice to get these three cards signed. 

I appreciate the help, Cam! I plan to continue this 50/50 relationship next season.

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