Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Last Batch of 2023 50-50s From Logan

Here are some more 50/50s from this season.  These came back from my friend, Logan, who graphs Wichita.  He was able to take some guys I thought I'd never see.  The above 2018 Bowman Chrome gold shimmer refractor of Michel Baez sat in my Bowman box for years until I saw that Logan would be seeing him.  I'm so glad this card is now signed and in the album!
Logan got my 2017 SAL All Star card of Trevor Bettencourt signed.  My brother, Adam, gave me the set way back when, so I was glad to add it to the album.  Logan also took a ton of my Yusniel Diaz cards and got a couple signed for me.  He also took some Dodgers prospects and got them signed by Luke Little and Brandon Lewis.
I was really glad to get these two Henry Henry cards signed.  Another from my 2019 Midwest League All Star set got signed, which was great.
One of the last cards Logan took was my 2020 Bowman Marco Raya card.  It got separated from the rest of my stuff for some reason and almost didn't get to him in time.  Logan also took all of my Tanner Dodson cards and got them all done.  I had a bunch of his stuff; now they are all signed.
I had a ton of Kody Hoese stuff and sent Logan 2 or 3 packages with Hoese cards.  I was surprised that all of these got done, but it was great. 
I didn't realize until I went back through the package that Logan got new Yankee Jorbit Vivas for me on 4 cards.  He was just traded to the Yankees to make room on the 40-man roster for Shohei Ohtani.
I wish Logan could have gotten Michael Busch, but he didn't see him.  Still, the Kody Hoese end of the card got done, so I'm halfway there. 

Thank you so much for getting all of these cards signed for me, Logan.  I loom forward to what I'm able to send out for 2024.

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