Thursday, December 14, 2023

Another Care Package From Drake

Another care package came in from my friend, Drake, that added some different stuff to the autograph album. 

The above Topps Now of Aristides Aquino is a really nice card.  I was surprised that Drake included this one.  It looks great.
Drake included some nice Topps cards for the album like the above Aramis Ramirez and Homer Bailey.  He also added some interesting customs like the above Alfredo Ruiz.
Drake included a couple 2022 Bowman Draft guys that I had seen in 2022 but the cards weren't out when I saw the players.  I was also glad to get a different Joe Gray, Jr.  He was really cool when I met him and I hope he develops and makes the majors.
Here are some more customs and a 1988 Donruss Jay Aldrich.  I didn't want to scan the Aldrich by itself, so it got lumped in with these customs.
Drake really hooked it up with this care package.  I was also surprised that he got CJ Abrams for me.  

The 1996 Fleer Metal of Pat Mears is also a really cool card.  Fleer Metal is a great set, and I have gotten a few of them into the album.  I'd like to pick up some more bulk Fleer products from the 90s.  Maybe o can find a box lot on Ebay at some point. 

Thank you so much for the care package, Drake! I really appreciate it.

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