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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

First IP Graphing Of 2023 - Wayne County Hot Stove Event

The first IP (in person) graphing event of 2023 is in the books, and I was able to add a few cards to the autograph album.  I was told about the event by a fellow Wood Duck fan, and made my way to Goldsboro last night.  Entry for Chris and I was $15 each, and we were able to meet Marlins player, Brian Miller, as well as Goldsboro native, Jerry Narron.  I knew about Miller ahead of time, so I picked up the above 2022 Topps green foil card.
I also used my 2022 Topps base cards of Miller for a couple more autos.  I brought a clean OMLB and two filler cards just in case I ran into someone else at the event.  I was glad I did, because I was able to get Jerry Narron on a 1987 Topps checklist and a game insert/ad card.  I get asked all of the time about why I use the checklists.  I had, at one point, about 200 checklists, so they are easy to grab and put just about anyone on.  Same with the ad inserts.  A lot of people like to use blank dummy cards, but I've also seen where players won't sign blanks, so I figure these will pass as decent enough items to put some ink scribbles on.
I got a couple cases of ROMLBs from my old friend, Sam, and he would be happy to know that I have put two worthy subjects on two of the balls, so far.

I sat at a table with fellow Wood Duck fan, Jessie, and had a good time.  The food was good, along with the stories.  It was a nice start to graphing in 2023, with a couple more events coming up for me in the next couple of weeks.

In all, I got Brian Miller x 3 and Jerry Narron x 3 (6 total autographs).

1 comment:

The Angels In Order said...

I love that game card, without the auto! I have umpires sign checklist cards for my sets, like you said they're great for autographs.