Friday, April 17, 2020

TTM Success - Jordan Yamamoto

Before the Corona Virus threw a wrench into everything, I had started my Spring Training TTM successes off with a bang.  I sent these cards to Jordan Yamamoto as a long shot, and they all came back signed.  I was very excited, and the above 2020 Topps 85 Chrome silver pack card is the reason why.  I buy a bunch of boxes of Topps base, so I get the silver packs every year.  I like getting the cards signed, but it is tough, since a lot of them are usually big stars who don't sign.
I sent to Yamamoto with the hopes that the cards would come back, but I definitely wasn't expecting it.  Unfortunately, my good fortune with this success and a couple others was stifled when Spring Training was shut down, and also now that players are signing less and less mail.

Yamamoto (b. 1996) is a former Carolina Mudcat who made his MLB debut last season with the Marlins.  He went 4-5 with 82 strike outs and a 4.42 ERA.

I mailed to Yamamoto via Marlins Spring Training on February 10 and got the cards back on February 28, for an 18-day TAT.

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Fuji said...

Very cool. Congratulations! Another Japanese-American ball player for me to collect.