Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Thoughts on 2013 Bowman

I had to get out of the house yesterday since we had a crowd of family up to visit this weekend.  My younger brother Andy and I went to the LCS to get a breather and I picked up several packs of cards.  A couple of which were jumbo packs of 2013 Bowman.

I had completely forgotten that Bowman had come out, since I have been so busy lately planning this family get-together.  Of the 2 packs I got, I was pretty pleased, even though I got only one Oriole (Jim Johnson).

I pulled the above Stephen Piscotty auto from the first pack I opened.  It is pretty nice and will definitely be dangled to the two Cardinals fans I talk to frequently as trade bait.
I also got this mini refractor of Robert Stephenson.  I haven't heard of him before, but it is still a cool card.

In all, I really liked this year's Bowman offering.  I might be tempted to pick up a few more packs to see if I can get some Orioles inserts.  I really like the Ice parallels, so I might go for some of those.

Stay tuned, I also picked up a pack of Panini Prism that I plan to discuss soon!

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