Friday, May 17, 2013

Card Shop Pickup - 2003 Fleer Fall Classic Bob Feller

So, there hasn't really been a whole lot going on this past week as far as the blog goes.  I haven't gotten any mail at all, so finding stuff to post about has been a stretch.  So, to fight off some boredom, I went to the LCS today and got a few more packs as well as a few singles out of the bargain bin.  One of the cards that I found was this 2003 Fleer Fall Classic Bob Feller.  I think the card looks great.  I love the coloring of it, definitely a sharp card.

I really was glad to get this one for my Feller PC, which has slowed down as of late.  I need to get some more of his stuff to show off, but I have been concentrating on my HOF baseballs and my 1971 set.  I'm really trying to lock down the '71 set so I can start to fully concentrate on 1959 and 1969.

There are a few Fellers that I really have my eye on for my PC, so I am always keeping a lookout for bargains.  Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and stumble upon a few and break out of this slump.

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