Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy Weekend Ahead

As I sit on my friend Vinny's couch, waiting for him to get back from work, I am sitting here thinking about everything that I have coming up this weekend.

I took today through next Friday off of work. This evening, we will leave my friend's house (in the Charlotte area) and head to Atlanta. Vinny, his son Dylan, my wife, my son and I are all cramming into the Cobalt to make the 4+ hour drive. The reason we are going is because I bought tickets to Wrestlemania 27!

On the way to Atlanta tonight, at 7:10, everyone in the car will have to be quiet because I will be turning my XM radio to the Orioles-Rays game. Jeremy Guthrie vs. David Price. I hope the O's get off to a better start than they did last year.

On the way here from Greenville last night, I heard on XM that Oriole great Brooks Robinson was hospitalized with a fever and infection prior to an outpatiend procedure that he had scheduled. I almost swerved off of the road when I heard the headline. Not good. He posted a statement on saying that he is responding well to antibiotics and should be fine. Whew.

Tomorrow morning, I will be taking Chris to the 8AM session of Wrestlemania Axxess. I'm hoping he can get his picture taken with at least one of the wrestlers that he watches on TV every Monday night. I've got my fingers crossed.

Sunday at 7, we will be at Wrestlemania! This is the closest WWE's biggest event has ever come to the NC area, so I couldn't pass up a chance to go. When I found out that the tickets were only $25, I jumped at the chance to go. Along with the menagerie riding with me, our good friend, the wonderful Babe-O-Licious will be meeting us in Atlanta and will be with us at the event. We are definitely guaranteed to have a good time.

On Monday, after we drop Vinny and Dylan off, we have to make a detour to Winston-Salem to meet my boss, Justin, at my brother's house. There, we will be loading up all the stuff my brother had stored for us for the move to Winterville.

On Tuesday, we will be closing on our house! We sold our previous house in December 2009, after living there for almost 7 years. Downgrading from a 3 bedroom, 2-story house into a 2-bedroom apartment has been rough. It has been especially hard on our marraige, but we haven't smothered each other with pillows, so I think if we make it til Tuesday without shaving off each other's eyebrows while they sleep; I think we will have done well.

Finally, the rest of the week will be spent unloading, unpacking, calling utility companies, painting, making trips to Lowes and Home Depot, etc etc.

It definitely will be an interesting week. You may want to check in and make sure I have survived.

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Drew said...

Man sounds like a busy few days, have fun!!!