Sunday, April 24, 2011

1955 Topps Recap

So, we have finally finished the card for card posting of my complete 1955 Topps set. This was definitely a good bit of work and was kind of a chore at times, but I'm glad I did it. I hope everyone enjoyed the posts, I hope they were informative at least. I got a good bit out of it.

One of the players who I hadn't heard of before responded to a TTM request (Al Rosen).

By my unofficial count, we were able to determine that the set has:
  • 22 people in the set were MLB managers
  • There are 17 Hall of Famers represented in the set
  • Of the 206 men depicted on the cards, by the end of my posting, only 95 of them were still living, I ended the Duke Snider post saying that he was the 110th player who had passed away from the set only to learn recently that Reno Bertoia passed away on April 15 due to Lymphoma
  • I began posting this set on October 1, 2010. The final post came on April 23, 2011. Between that time, as far as I know, we lost 3 of the players (Duke Snider, Bertoia and Gus Zernial). I may have missed one or two. If I did, someone please let me know.
So, that does it. That just about wraps her all up. I hope you all enjoyed it. I plan on taking a short break from daily scheduled posts (you know, the automatic posts at noon every day) and going back to a more random format for the time being. I do have a couple ideas I'm kicking around for my next project. I also intend on getting back on top of some of my blog features (HOF Spotlight, Hidden in my Collection, etc). I have to say, I'm really happy with how the 1955 posts have increased my follwers and my daily stats. I hope I have convinced some of you to check my blog out regularly and I hope you stick around! Thanks again!


Drew said...

These were definitely fun to view man, I appreciate you sharing such a huge part of your collection to us all and look forward to see whats coming next!

night owl said...

Set retrospectives are always fun. Glad you did that!