Friday, April 22, 2011

1955 Topps #210 - Duke Snider

Here it is. The final card of the 1955 Topps set. What a way to close it out, though, with the Silver Fox, Duke Snider.
Duke Snider (b. 1926 - d. 2011) played in the majors from 1947 to 1964 for the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers, Mets and Giants. Known as the Duke of Flatbush, he was a huge star for the Dodger teams of the 1950s. He was a World Series winner with the Dodgers in 1955 and 1959. He also appeared in the World Series with the Dodgers in the 1949, 52, 53 and 56 seasons. He was a power hitter who hit 40+ home runs in 5 straight seasons (1953-1957). An 8-time All Star (1950-56, 63), he was definitely one of the elite players of his time. He retired at the age of 37 with 2,116 hits, 407 home runs and a lifetime batting average of .295. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1980 with 86.5% of the vote (his 11th time on the ballot).

Sadly, Snider passed away this February after having been in declining health for some time. When healthy, Snider was one of the more prolific TTM signers. Not knowing that he was in such poor health, I attempted to have a baseball signed by him TTM in January. I got a RTS and bought a signed ball of his the next day at a card show. I'm glad I have it because Snider is truly a legend of baseball.


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