Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1955 Topps #196 - Gale Wade

What's special about this post? Well, this will be the first blog entry from my new house! I got my internet set up today, complete with a wireless router so I can use my old desktop PC and Laptop simultaneously. Wooo, welcome to 2007! It takes me a while to catch up. I'm especially excited that I can finally hook my Wii up via wireless and download old school games and use it to it's intended purpose. Also, once my 'man cave' is set up, there will be a lot more 'Hidden in my Collection' posts to come.

Gale Wade (b. 1929) played 2 seasons in the majors (1955 and 1956) for the Cubs. He had 6 hits, one home run and a .133 batting average.

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