Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Card Show Pickup - 1953 Topps Bob Feller

First of all, I'd like to slap whomever wrote the 4 on Bob Feller's forehead. To me, one of the cardinal sins of baseball card collecting is writing on a card. I can't stand it. However, this card does have a good bit of 'character.' I have been looking for the '53 Feller for some time now, and when i saw this one, I added it to a stack of cards that I was purchasing from a regular vendor of mine. When he added the prices up of everything, he told me that he threw this one in for free since I am a regular customer. That really made me happy, so, I got this card for free, essentially. That's why you buy in bulk, my friends, haha.

I really love getting my hand on Bob Feller cards. I think I just about have all of the ones that I can afford. I think I still need his 1953 Bowman, so I'm going to be on the lookout for that, for sure. I have noticed that when it comes to Vintage cards, I seem to emphasize pitchers so much more. I have player collections going now for Bob Feller and Virgil Trucks and I have always wanted to add more Warren Spahn cards to my collection. I wonder what it is about pitchers that intrigues me?


Anonymous said...

Good pickup. It's definitely got some character.

Drew said...

Sweet pickup, and yeah, if I owned that card I would have such an urge to do DNA testing on it, and find out who wrote the big 4 right on his forehead!!! Anyway, for free, thats a real cool deal man