Wednesday, February 28, 2024

TTM Success - Ed Hobaugh

Two move vintage cards from Ryan were signed TTM and added to the autograph album; these being from Ed Hobaugh.  Both of them are a bit rough, but they still turned out nicely.  The above 1963 Topps is a nice card.  I think it may have gotten wet in the past. The card isn't ruined, it just had a funny feel to it.
This 1962 Topps also has been well loved.  Still, it looks nice now that it is signed. 

Hobaugh (b.1934) played in the majors from 1961 to 1963 for the Senators.  He had a record of 9-10 with 115 strike outs and a 4.34 ERA.

I mailed to Hobaugh on December 1 and got the cards back on February 26, for an 87-day TAT.  He also included a note that said "keep the ball down if you are pitching, kindest regards, Ed Hobaugh."


Ryan H said...

Lol, most of my vintage cards from this era were rescued by my dad off of the floor of a barn or outbuilding of some sort. They aren't his original cards, my grandma threw them out a long time ago...

Matthew Glidden said...

Better a hole in my card than a hole in my collection!

Great sigs on those two.