Monday, February 5, 2024

Rest In Peace - Carl Weathers

As I was pulling into Swan Quarter on Friday, about to make the line for the ferry to Ocracoke, my wife gasped as she was looking at her phone.  I said "What?" She said "You're going to have to get a refund!" I ask "For what?" Then she said something I really wasn't expecting: "Carl Weathers died!"

For context, rewind to last month when my buddy Jesse was sitting on my couch nonchalantly going through the list of celebrity signers at March's GalaxyCon in Richmond. Jesse said Carl Weathers would be appearing at GalaxyCon and I stopped what I was doing. "For real? Carl Weathers is going to be there? We've got to go, man!"  I bought tickets to the event and a photo op for Weathers as quickly as I could.

Weathers was on the very short list of celebrities who I haven't had a chance to meet but wanted to at almost any price.

Growing up, I probably watched Rocky IV more than any other movie.  Probably more than Aliens (believe it or not) and any Friday the 13th.  Over the course of my life, I've made it clear with anyone who would listen about the things I'm into and the pop culture influences I've had.  Apollo Creed is my second favorite movie character (Vasquez from Aliens is number 1 of course) and when the 2015 Topps Allen and Ginter Rocky cards came out, I had visions of getting the Creed signed by Weathers at some point.  I tried sending to him TTM, but never got anything back, sadly.  When the signing came up, I was super excited. Then it was taken away.

Carl Weathers passed away in his sleep Thursay night or Friday morning.  He was 76.  He has been all over TV recently; being in the Kick of Destiny ads with Rob Gronkowski.  He appeared in all three seasons of The Mandalorian.  I'll always remember his as Apollo Creed.  The Ricky World Champion from thr Rocky franchise.  Rocky's nemesis, but not a villain.  He's the one who gives Rocky a shot.  By part 3, they become friends and share an iconic bromance hug in the beach training montage.

Then there's always Predator, another awesome 80s movie where Weathers is featured.  One of the best scenes "Dillon, you son of a bitch!" muscle handshake with Arnold even became a meme.

Chubbs Peterson steals the show in Happy Gilmore.  Also, who could forget that, according to Weathers in Arrested Development, if there's still meat on the bone, you got a hell of a stew, baby!

Bill Paxton and Chris Cornell were two celebrity deaths that shook me and affected me deeply.  Having the opportunity to meet Carl Weathers taken away hits hard.  By all accounts, he was a great guy and I know I missed out.  It sucks.  It is going to take me a long time to get over this one.  It may seem silly, but it does affect me.  A huge piece of my childhood is gone, along with a lot of others.  It's part of getting older and adjusting.

Thanks everyone for listening and reading.  I appreciate the opportunity to let that out a bit.

Rest in peace Carl Weathers. #BePeace.


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Very sad news. I watched Rocky IV a lot as a kid too. Easily my favorite Rocky movie.