Sunday, May 14, 2023

TTM Success - Chevy Chase

The rumor is that he has a ghost signer, but I still sent off TTM for Chevy Chase.  I had the above 1992 Star Pics card in my boxes for a while, and I couldn't even begin to think where it came from.  So, I got the card signed anyway.  A quick look at PSA authenticated offerings on Ebay shows that these signatures match what has been authenticated for Chase, so maybe I got a couple of good ones.  They also don't look autopenned, so maybe I did good.
Of course, I sent off a 1987 Topps checklist to whittle the stack down a little more.  

Chase (b. 1943) was an original cast member for Saturday Night Live, on which he appeared in 1975 and 1976, and has also hosted 8 times.  He is known for his roles in Caddyshack, the National Llampoon Vacations movies, Fletch, Three Amigos, Funny Farm, Foul Play and Spies Like Us.

I wrote to Chase on January 23 and got the cards back signed on February 9, for a 17-day TAT

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