Friday, July 25, 2014

Great Cards From Weston

I got a package from my buddy Weston a while ago that had a bunch of great Orioles cards.  The best ones were of Orioles prospect, Chance Sisco.  Sisco is having some kind of year this year, batting .344 at the moment for low A Delmarva.  He has 104 hits and 4 homers in 80 games.
These Sisco cards are really awesome.  I regret not buying his Bowman Sterling auto at the card show when I had a chance.  He is having a great year and looks like he will be moving up in the O's system pretty quickly.
Surprisingly, I didn't have this 2008 Topps Chroms X-fractor of Nick Markakis that Weston sent.  I was really happy to get it.
Finally, Weston sent me a few 2013 Topps emerald parallels for my set.  I still am working on this set, and it was so cool of Weston to send me a few.

Thanks for the cards, Weston!  I really appreciate it.

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