Monday, November 28, 2011

Thoughts on 2011 Bowman Chrome

 During my trip to the card shop that I have posted my past few entries about, I picked up some 2011 Bowman Chrome Orioles from the shop owner's personal pulls.
The highlights, as always, are when I am able to add a new Nick Markakis or Brian Roberts to my collection.  I was afraid that Roberts would be removed from some sets due to his lack of playing time this past season.  I really hope his concussion symptoms are gone and he can have a full season at 2nd base in 2012.

I always enjoy Bowman Chrome when it comes out each year.  It is always a sharp looking product and this year's version is no exception.  Too bad they don't scan all that well, because they look really nice in person.  I picked up several other Orioles including Brian Matusz, Brandon Snyder and a Mark Reynolds refractor.

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