Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip to Columbia, SC - Part 1

This past weekend, Max, Chris and I took a drive in the new car to Columbia, SC in order to see my brother, and to go to a Greenville Drive game. Chris and I left Greenville, NC Friday evening and picked Max up from NCSU in Raleigh. We, then made our way south to Columbia. We stopped in Florence, SC for dinner and then ended up at my brother's apartment around 11:30PM.

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to check out two of Columbia's card shops and ride around the city. One of the card shops is actually an antique store (see my post from a couple months ago, this is where I found the 1953 Bowman Musial). Not to be outdone on this trip, and having Max with me this time, I picked some equally as cool stuff. Here is the first card I got from there:
A 1955 Bowman Eddie Mathews. I LOVE the TV Set design. Silly? No way man. It looks awesome. I love this set, 1962 Topps and 1987 Topps. The wood design is great. It just has a certain appeal to me, and I do enjoy it.
Mathews was a great player. Too bad he is no longer with us. Interesting fact: Often overlooked, his card is the second most expensive card in the 1952 Topps set. Still not close to the Mantle, but a VERY expensive card. BV ~ $6,000-$10,000. Ouch.
I'm going to stick with cheaper options, like above. Check back tomorrow for the next vintage pickup from the antique/card shop.

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