Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cards For Sale

Because my internet connection sucks worse than a Richard Gere movie, it is taking me a while to be able to get some cards listed on Ebay. I'm going to have to load my pics on my flash drive and do it from the office.

Anyway, I need to raise some cash, so I am selling a few random cards on Ebay. I am also selling all the cards my brother Andy pulled from his box of Topps Tribute. Here are some highlights of what I INTEND on listing tomorrow. Feel free to inspect them.
A 2009 Topps UH Matt Holliday Platinum parallel numbered 1/1. I forgot I even had this bad boy. I should be able to get a good bit from it, I hope. I hope to own the 2007 Topps Brian Roberts platinum one day.
Even though someone posted on here that this was not real, I assure you it is. My 2010 Topps Ike Davis pie face. I have seen this one averaging out to be $45 on ebay, perfect for me!!

Can't go wrong with printing plates. I have a couple, but I am going ahead and listing this one. 2008 Topps Stadium Club Josh Beckett Cyan printing plate. I also have a Sean Casey from a different set (can't remember which, I want to say Flair or Ovation? Not sure) and a 2007 Topps Pablo Ozuna. If anyone is interested in those, let me know via email.

Since Play at the Plate has claimed the Kinsler, I am putting the Varitek and Stephen Drew hat logo relics up for sale as well. I doubt I'll make a whole lot off of them, but every little bit helps. I have a new car payment and just too the cat to the emergency vet, do things are going to be tight for a while unless I sell a few things.
I also intend on, at some point, listing my 2007-2010 Topps commons on Sportlots. That way I have a little bit of card income coming in on a semi-regular basis. If any of you want to fill or start sets with any of these years I'll cut a sweet deal on the cards. I also have an extra set of 2010 Topps as well that can be had for the right price. That set is hand collated by me. Let me know!!!
If anyone is interested in any of the above items, I plan on listing them on Ebay around lunchtime tomorrow (11-12PM EST) and if you make me a reasonable enough offer beforehand, I may sell them outright, but I plan on, for the time being, doing auction style format. You may look me up on Ebay, I sell under the name Roaddogg57 (Ive had the account 11 years, give me a break).
Thanks guys!!

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