Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Autographed Ball

I got this in the mail today: Hank Aaron autographed ball. It was VERY cheap on ebay. I'm not usually a fan of taking a gamble like that, but with what I paid, if the signature isn't legit (and I compared it to 5 balls listed as PSA/DNA and it matched up just fine) then Chris can use it for batting practice. This ball did come with a COA, I just had never heard of the company before - Pro Star Sports. Anyone hear of them?

I have actually seen a lot of autos with PSA/DNA COAs going real cheap lately (a Cal for $35 and a Musial go for $30), I think the market is flooded right now, which is fine by me.

Anyway, I like the ball, so I'm content. I know a few of you aren't too cool with buying autos off of ebay, but I believe in its authenticity, and if I can sleep well at might because of it, then there's no reason I should drop $300 on an Aaron when I have this one for a fraction of the cost...

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