Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swept Away

I was asked to post a blog about how the Orioles were turning it around after the past weekend, however, this was before he knew that the O's had been swept by the Evil Empire.

No harm done, though. I do believe they have turned a corner.

MOST of the Orioles' games this year have been very close. A well placed grounder here, a home run there plus a sufficient bullpen and we are talking a complete 180 from their 7-21 record.

I don't know who is to blame. The manager is to blame for some aspects, the lack of fundamentals, mental errors, and general lack of preparedness can rest on his head.

Dave Trembley does not bat for any of the players, though.

I dropped Nick Markakis from my fantasy team in a little bit of reverse psychology. I felt that if I dropped him, he would begin tearing the cover off of the ball. He isn't doing that, really, but he is hitting .314 now. Ty Wigginton and his 9 home runs have been a nice surprise. Brian Matusz continues to prove (although his records doesn't reflect it) that he is a star in the making. Nolan Reimold may be escaping from his funk. Matt Wieters is batting around .280, which is respectable.

One of the huge problems from last year - the revolving door of starting pitching - seems to have been corrected.

I knew the World Series was a long shot this year, but .500 was within reach. Do I think it still is? YES. The brutal first month schedule is almost behind the O's. Whomever put that train wreck together deserves to be taken out and pelted with batteries.

I know a couple of other people who are in the same boat as I am. The Dodgers' starting pitching have been non-existent. At least I can discuss my misery with my best friend.

I'm also glad I am not a Red Sox fan. They are DONE.

Cubs? Poor Chris over at Oncardautos... I feel for you too man.

Pirates? They were outscored 72-12 during their recent 6-game skid.

So, yeah, things could be worse, I suppose.


beardy said...

I refuse to write about the O's these days for fear that yes, it COULD be worse.

Reverse psychology indeed.

.500 isn't out of the question, but they need to start hitting, and they need Roberts back. Desperately. That's a nice lineup with Wiggy getting regular at-bats somewhere, hopefully at Luke Scott's expense.

Ryan H said...

Thanks William for posting this. I am right there with you my friend.

Beardy - Luke Scott is on notice... Learn what end of the bat to swing.