Tuesday, May 18, 2010

..and so it begins

I got a LOT of mail in the last two days. 2 autographed baseballs, an autographed bat and this redemption card.
I know Hanley has been in the news for his well publicized benching. I think it had to happen if he was 'dogging it' on the botched play. I wish the Orioles would send a message to some of the 'veteran' players for their play lately.

I got this card as a redemption out of a pack of 2010 Upper Deck. I doubt I'll keep it, as I know someone who is a BIG Hanley Ramirez fan. It looks good though.


Anonymous said...

What would it take to get that Hanley from you?? Holla at me...


Drew said...

Verrrrrrrrrry nice card!