Sunday, May 23, 2010

Anticipation and Random Thoughts

I have a busy week ahead of me. I am packing to go to Charlotte today for work. It has been a while since I have been to the city in which I spent 11 years of my life. We are having a get-together for work tonight, then OSHA training at the Charlotte office tomorrow. One of my friends there says he is giving me a Ray Durham (Charlotte's own) auto'ed ball, which I think is really cool.

Also, two of the girls who work there both say they have baseball cards they want me to look at. We'll see if they remember to pull them out of storage for me.

I have to be out of town until Tuesday night, so I doubt I will be posting anything, but I will have my laptop with me, who knows.

I should be getting my Monte Irvin TTM any day now.

I hooked Max up with a huge box of stuff last night that should keep him busy for a while ;).

Andy, Pete, P.A. and I are planning on going to the card show at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem on Sunday. I can't remember the last time a card show was in Winston. I know that I haven't seen one there in the 6 years since I have gotten back into the hobby.

6 years back in the hobby. My wife thought this was another 'phase.' Boy was she wrong, haha.

Series 2 comes out this week. I have my 3 boxes and Max's 2 boxes on order, so I should be able to get them on Saturday. Unless Topps delays it like they did with Series 1. There isn't a whole lot card-wise to blog about, at least new stuff. I'm going to start going through boxes and blog some vintage stuff again.

It also doesn't help that the Orioles are still spinning their wheels. I'm just not feeling it this season. Go Dodgers.

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