Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trade With GCRL

I feel a little bad for Jim over at GCRL.  His trade gets to follow the epicness of what I posted yesterday that was obtained in a trade with Jason from Joe Average Collector.  That shouldn't take away from what Jim sent me, however.  It was just the timing aspect on my part.
I sent Jim a few Dodgers Topps Chrome cards in exchange for a couple vintage Topps cards.  Normally, I don't have Dodgers for trade, since they usually go to a friend of mine, but I believe he has gotten out of cards, so Dodgers cards are becoming more readily available for trade.  It worked out for me, because I was able to take two cards off of my want list.
This Aurelio Rodriguez is a mid-numbered 1971 Topps, so it was especially nice to go ahead and take it off of the list.  I really need to get on the ball and finish out this set.  Those darn high numbers are slowing me down.

Thanks again for the trade, Jim.  I appreciate it and I think we will be able to swing more trades in the future since my friend is now MIA.

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