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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Virgil Trucks Follow-up

I got a letter today from Virgil Trucks concerning the interview I did last month...
Last week, I sent Mr. Trucks a nice copy of the interview that I posted. I had my friend Babe-O-Licious print it off on some nice resume paper so it would look great. I also included a note with it thanking Mr. Trucks again for taking the time to answer my questions and added a couple follow-up questions. He answered one of them: did he receive a ring for the 1958 Yankees even though he was left off of the playoff roster. He did. My son also wanted to know what Mr. Trucks favorite color was (blue). Mr. Trucks sent Chris an autographed card like the one above. I asked one final question that had been posed by a friend of mine (did he know North Carolina MLB player Ray Scarborough) but Mr. Trucks did not answer that one, unfortunately.
He said in the letter that he wrote that he appreciated me sending him a copy of the interview to keep. He also said that I did a good job on it (which was really nice to hear). He also said that all of you came up with some really good questions, so I want to make sure I thank each of you again for helping me out with that! I hope that through all of this, I was able to help some people learn about an under appreciated player from long ago in MLB history and maybe even help Mr. Trucks sell a few books.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Trucks is a class act. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing, and if you're reading this, Mr. Trucks, thanks for agreeing to do the interview.

Drew said...

That's so cool. I love him, such a great man of the game! What an honor to be able to interview a former great, congrats again!