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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Got My MCG Cards Today!!

So, I took the plunge and paid Topps' exorbitant shipping fees and claimed most of my MCG (Million Card Giveaway) cards. They came today.
This is the highlight of the cards I was able to redeem, a 1964 Topps ERA Leaders Koufax. I wasn't about to let Topps get this card back. Anytime I can get a Koufax for free, I'm going to take it.

I was happy when I got this Larsen, but as you can see, the one they sent me had these two lines across the front. Epic fail. Come on Topps, this card wasn't printed in 2009, it was 1962... there shouldn't be roll marks on it.

I got two '71s that were needed in my set. I'm happy that one of them was for the O's winning the '70 World Series. Very nice!!

I also got two 58 Topps, see below. I love how the red pops when it is scanned. They look great.

Finally, the oldest card I got was this 1956 Topps. I have a good bit of key cards from this set, so completing it may be in my future plans... I have to get the Mantle, though.
So, I'm really satisfied with my pickups. I got 30+ cards, but only had time to scan a few of them. Several will be traded to some friends, and a few will be sold at card shows. Overall, Topps did pretty well with the program. I hate that they were giving away 2009 Topps cards in the promo, you can find those at stores still... Oh well.

1 comment:

Drew said...

Wow, sweet cards, love the Koufax! Good job, I better order mine!