Monday, May 31, 2010

Set Started - 1971 Topps (Winston-Salem Card Show Part II)

I had low expectations at the Winston-Salem card show, like I said yesterday, but I did run across something I felt that I had to pick up. A guy had this partial set of 1971 Topps.
I had a poll on here a while back saying that I was going to start 1959 Topps next, but I couldn't pass this up. The cards were lower grade (much like my 55 or 70 set), but I got them for a really good price ($60) and I already had a good many here that I hadn't sorted yet.
After I picked up the partial set, I went to another table where the seller had a bunch of cards half off, so I got this Pete Rose and the below Ernie Banks.

I wonder why Banks looks so surprised? Ohhhh noooo, I done gone and stung myself... Banks was a hell of a player, though, he is definitely one of those who I'd love to meet in person.
The 1971 set isn't the best in the world, not too many HUGE RCs (Blyleven, Garvey, etc) and the black cards are easily damaged. I'm not going to go too crazy in getting these in mint condition, but it will be definitely a fun set to put together.

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Play at the Plate said...

I think I would have made that purchase myself. Very nice.