Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Vintage Pick-up - 1948 Bowman Warren Spahn

Ahhh, ANOTHER vintage card I was able to snag, thanks to Uncle Sam ripping me off throughout the year.

1948 Warren Spahn 'Rookie Card.' Obviously not his true RC, but since there weren't any cards produced (that I know of) during his rookie campaign, this one apparently qualifies. I'm becoming more and more a big fan of the older Bowman offerings. These cards are completely different than the Bowman we know of today.

I think if I asked for Blony Bubble Gum today, people would look at me funny... I think it is kind of interesting, if you go back and look at my post of the 1941 Jimmie Foxx Play Ball card, you will see that the same ad for Blony is there too. I'm thinking, go with me here on this, that Play Ball was a predecessor to Bowman? Am I reaching a bit?

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