Saturday, January 5, 2019

Set Complete - 1995 Topps

It took me long enough, but I finally have completed the 1995 Topps set.  I would have finished it sooner, but on a recent buying binge on COMC, I was buying the last 10 or so cards that I needed, and some assclown had this Wes Chamberlain listed at over $20.00.  Yeah, I didn't want to finish this set that badly, so I figured I'd wait til I remembered it while buying stuff on Ebay.

I had some Ebay Bucks to spend, so I used $2.00 on this card to go ahead and close out the set.  That dude on COMC will just have to keep on dreaming.

Completing this set also completes my Topps run of sets from 1973 to 2018.  I have opened up the pursuit of 1972, and if I can close that one, I will have 1969 to 2018.  Not bad.  I have posted my 1972 needs, as well as my 1967 needs on my wishlist, and the lists are all updated.  I haven't pushed too hard on my set building since I am graphing a ton now, but I still want to complete the entire run of Topps some day (I'll need a very poor grade 52 Mantle to do it, but it can be done).

Special thanks to P. A. for knocking a ton of these 95s out, and reminding me that this was still on my to do list.  Thanks man!

I also learned today that Chamberlain signs TTM.  Don't worry, this card isn't being mailed out to him.

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