Sunday, November 12, 2023

November 11, 2023, Virginia Beach Card Show Recap

On Saturday, my friend, Josh, and I went to a card show in Virginia Beach.  I had heard about the show from my friend, Ryan, since a couple former Orioles were going to be there doing signings.  I had a very limited budget, but was still able to come away with a few cards for each vintage set I'm working on (lists have been updated). I also picked up a lot of stuff for TTMs.  The coolest thing I found was the above 1983 Donruss Diamond King.  I got the card for $20. I couldn't pass that up.
The signers at the show were Mickey Tettleton and Rudy May (there were some other signers, but May and Tettleton were the ones we were going after).  I got Tettleton on a nice 1999 Topps Gallery (above).  I had to get May on a card showing him as an Oriole, so the above 1977 Topps for the bill.
I was going to settle on two May cards, but then found this 1971 Topps that I had to get done.  I loved the action shot on this card, and it looks great in the album. 
The above 1991 Crown Orioles card was the main one that I wanted to get May on, and it turned out great.
This 1988 Topps Big was the other card that I got Tettleton on.  I wanted to continue to fill out some of the 8-card pages that I have, so this helped that cause. 
I didn't realize, but May has been living in NC.  I heard him talk about being near Edenton, so I naturally had to talk to him about the sandwiches at Westover General Store.  It was so cool that he knew where I was talking about and had lunch there last week.
Tettleon was really cool, as well.  He commented on my Hartford hat.  The hat made me stand out at the show, which is why I bought it.

I got the following (in person) autographs: Rudy May x 5 and Mickey Tettleton x 2 (7).

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