Friday, October 7, 2011

Thoughts on the Postseason So Far...

Does everyone else agree with me that this postseason has been awesome?  3 series went to game 5.  All of the 'early picks' to win it all have been knocked out.  I feel like the remaining matchups are pretty even.

I don't know who I am picking to win it all, but I'm sure the rest of the postseason will be just as memorable!

Here are some thoughts:

I'm looking forward to seeing if Koji can do well for Texas.  He has been unimpressive so far, but here's to hoping that he can look good in his series.

I'm also hoping that Verlander pitches well.

I think Ryan Braun, even though he looks so goofy, is an amazing hitter.

Prince Fielder is the real deal.  Hope he is an Oriole next year (highly unlikely).

Chris Carpenter complete game shutout.  Man, if he wasn't so injury prone.

It was really cool seeing David Hernandez do well for the Diamondbacks.  I think the trade of Hernandez for Reynolds was a good deal on both ends.

Ryan Howard slips getting out of the box and injures himself.  Insult to injury.  Have to feel for the guy.

I like Charlie Manuel.  I don't think it was his fault that his team didn't win.  Of course, I didn't think it was Francona's fault the Red Sox lost.

Andy MacPhail is out as Orioles GM.  I hope they move quickly in getting a replacement.  I sincerely don't think it will be Buck.

Who is everyone pulling for in the ALCS/NLCS?

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Spiff said...

Rangers and Cardinals.