Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 by the Numbers

I'm back. I've been really busy with work and planning my vacation. I appreciate the well wishes, everything is fine. I'd let you all know if something major was going on.

I haven't been able to buy too much new stuff because I'm saving up for my vacation, but I do have some things in the queue to blog about. I split a box of 2010 Finest with Max a few weeks ago, the results of which I will get on here. I also got 2 autographed balls recently that will go in the Memorabilia Museum - Ray Durham and Don Newcombe. I bought the Newcombe myself and the Durham was given to me by my friend Corbin.

So, in order to play catch-up, I need to do my Topps by the numbers:

I opened 3 jumbo boxes at All About Sports, my friendly neighborhood card shop with Pete. Here is the breakdown of what I pulled:

30 - Million Card Giveaway Redemptions
2 - Topps Black (Jayson Werth and Aaron Hill) Both are up for trade
30 - Topps Gold
2 - Do it Yourself Sketch Cards
3 - 4th of July Hat Logos (Jason Varitek, Ian Kinsler and Stephen Drew) All up for trade
30 - Cards Your Mom Threw Out
3 - CYMTO Original Back SPs (Jim Bunning, Juan Marichal and Derek Jeter)
6 - Autos/Relics (nothing special)
30 - History of the World Series
30 - Peak Performance
30 - Legendary Lineage
30 - Turkey Red
30 - 2020 Topps
30 - Topps Attax
30 - Vintage Legends

and ONE SP - The one and only Eddie Murray!!! Wooo for me. I love this card. This is an awesome shot.

I ended up with 3 different Brook's in Series 2. Really happy about that.

Pete gave me this 2131 Topps Gold. Really sweet card. I also got Chris Tillman and Nick Markakis Gold.

Here is the Stephen Drew Hat Logo. I like the D-Backs logo in red white and blue. Pretty sweet.

I'm always a fan of the Turkey Red. Getting Brooks made it even better.
My favorite part of the Series 2 bust was looking for the Vintage Legends. This was a really cool concept showing legendary players on Topps designs that they hadn't originally appeared on. I wish they had more Orioles, but its ok. I'll do a blog on those shortly.
I hope you guys enjoyed. I also hope you like the new blog design. I appreciate the comments from everyone. Please send me some emails looking for trades. I'll try to get on some.


CamHartman said...

Hey there- I would love to trade for as many gold cards as you are willing to. I can definately find some stuff you would like in return. Email me at camh44@gmail.com. Thanks!

Drew said...

Nice to see you back dude, any chance you have any of these 10 cards to send me?

356, 429, 435, 455, 485, 491, 524, 539, 553, 655

Also, what inserts do you have doubles of?

I'd be happy to trade again. Email me or whatever you want. ttyl

Play at the Plate said...

I'd like the Kinsler Hat Logo. I'll try to find something to offer. I like the new design. It seems everyone is trying something new.