Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trip to the Greenville Card Shop

I went to the card shop yesterday while my wife decided to go to Kohls to shop. Ugggh. Glad the shop was nearby. I picked up a few things:
I went through a stack of 2009 UD Signature Stars and got this Brian Roberts.

Also picked up this Nick the STICK.

Pulled this relic auto from a pack of the Signature Stars. Don't know who the kid is, but its a cool card anyway.

I also picked up a few Dodger cards out of the shop's stack of Signature Stars for... someone... Jim Thome. Yeahhhh. He's the man!
I kind of like the Signature Stars, but there really aren't enough cards in the packs. I hate having to spend $5+ for 3 cards. Lame. I bought the last 2 packs they had and still pulled the relic auto, so I think I did pretty well.
Just to let you all know, I should start having some mail coming in over the next few days, so I should have some blogs coming; however, my huge exam is on Friday... gonna be a tough week!!!

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