Sunday, February 7, 2010

Picked up some 2010 Upper Deck

Since Upper Deck is quickly becoming the WCW of the card universe, I figured I see what the big fuss was about... Would their cards look good? What about logos? Do I care? Did I leave the oven on? What a good card to use to display the 2010 UD design. Ken Griffey, Jr. This is a very nice shot of Griffey possibly going yard. A closer look reveals that this was during an interleague game vs the Padres. I like little details like that.

Nice Joe Mauer card. Doesn't take anything away that you don't see a Twins logo anywhere... Don't worry, there were logos a-plenty... I neglected to scan any, though. Sorry. You'll be ok.

I'm really liking the ballpark cards. This is an amazing shot of Safeco Field. I love the sunset in the background. I can't wait to get my hands on the one for Camden Yards.

Here is an Upper Deck Portraits insert of Cole Hamels. Hmmm, is the A PHILLIES LOGO? Say it ain't so... I don't care, really. The card looks good though.

Now, this card looks good. The Pure Heat Tulowitzki. Very nice. Looks even better in person.
My opinion? I am and always will be a fan of Topps. However, I think competition is a good thing. I'm happy UD released a baseball set this year. I think the 'leaving logos on cards' is a ploy to generate publicity. No publicity is bad publicity. I haven't liked an Upper Deck design in years, maybe since 2002. I do feel like this year's offering is very nice. Good job UD. Now, quit effing up and get your house in order. I just want good cards, really.


Roy said...

I pulled the Camden yards card today - it's awful. The shot is up Utah street, and is mostly warehouse. You see about 3% of the playing surface, and it is before a game, so there's hardly anyone in the stands.

Play at the Plate said...

I've opened a few packs and NONE of the cards I saw looked as good as the Griffey or Mauer.

Field of Cards said...

OH MY GOD...that Safeco card is absolutely beautiful. Wow. I live two miles from that stadium so it really hits the heart.

steveisjewish said...

the griffey and safeco cards are great - UD really took it to Topps i think