Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are You Ready?

I said........... ARE YOU READY???? Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow! I'm so excited, I can't stand it. I had Max over today, and the both of us are so excited and optimistic about the upcoming season. I think it's cool that the Dodgers and the Orioles (our respective favorite teams) are so similar... One of these days, he and I will be seated side by side at an Oriole-Dodger World Series game... Not too much to ask, is it?

This season leaves a lot for an Oriole fan to be excited about...Will Brandon Snyder make the club out of spring training? That would be awesome, but I do believe he will start the season at AAA Norfolk. Snyder is a great guy, who took time out of his day a while back and signed baseballs for me, my son and my brother. He also pointed Matt Wieters out to us, who also talked with us and signed some baseballs... I'm rooting really hard for Snyder to be called up and make a lasting impression with the club and be the first baseman for the Orioles future.
Brian Matusz makes it very easy for an Orioles fan to be excited about the upcoming season. Oh man, I have some really high hopes for matusz this year... to the tune of hopefully 15-17 wins and a Rookie of The Year award at the end of the season... From what I saw last year, this is definitely within his grasp! Gives me a lot to be excited about.

Reimold!!! I really hope Reimold is fully healthy this year and blows up by snashing more than 30 homers... I know he can do it. Max and I both have Reimold shirts that we like to wear to card shows together... Its the little things in life, haha. Anyway, I really think Reimold has the potential to be a perennial all star.
I'm ready for the season to begin. I really think the Orioles have the talent in place to be more competitive this year than in years past.


Field of Cards said...

I'm super excited too!

This Orioles season will be an amazing roller coaster of emotions I believe.

Dennis said...

I am ready!

Your O's have so much young talent. Should be a fun season!